Majestic q400 review

Complex aircraft like the Bombardier Dash 8 Q are flown with a two person cockpit crew. A company by the name of FS2Crew has endeavoured to change that for specific aircraft. Here is one of their stated goals. Experience the most advanced and realistic FS2Crew turoboprop crew simulation ever created! This download adds a highly realistic flight, cabin and ground crew to the aircraft, and allows you to simulate real-world airline multi-crew flying from the perspective of the Captain and Pilot Flying.

Installation of the product is straight forward but does require an internet connection. After that the program takes care of the rest. Be prepared, it may seem like the program is hung, there were times when there was no discernable activity. Avoid the temptation to stop the installation.

The next screen will require you to provide your personal info and purchase order number to activate the product. To access the program you will have desktop shortcuts along with a new program group titled: FS2Crew From here you can get to the configuration manager, product manual and uninstaller. Product manuals, when provided by the developer, in my opinion, should always be read. The manual is in-depth, very well written and includes screenshots throughout.

Looking at the layout of the manual it can be divided in two main sections. The first deals with setting up the program, the voice recognition and also FSX. The second is all about the voice commands and how to use them to manipulate the aircraft.

As you will learn a bit later on in the review the manual also includes a tutorial flight that is colour coded so it helps to minimize any confusion you may have as to what you need to say and when. This was my first experience at using a voice control program so I needed to go through the voice recognition process.

Like everything else it is explained in the manual. Armed with an inexpensive headset that I had acquired several years ago I began. The results were less than stellar. Not a very good situation so I took the plunge and purchased a good quality gaming headset that had a sensitive boom mic. Needless to say this made a world of difference. I went through the speech recognition set up one more time and was now able to speak at a normal volume and have the computer recognize what I was saying.

I mention this because had I tried to use the program with equipment that was inadequate my experience would have probably been very different.Show all categories. By Chase. Training on the Majestic Dash 8 Q A review by Ray Marshall. This is specifically a review of the London based upstart Airline2Sim video training for the Dash 8 Q Ben Weston, Founder and Chief Honcho is a long time flight simmer with a background in radio and professional broadcasting.

He is also the holder of a Private Pilot license flying Tomahawks and Warriors. A recent merger of his radio station with another left Ben looking for a new job. Tired of decades long mergers and acquisitions in the media industry, timing was such that a new FSX training company was born. Majestic Software had just introduced their Dash 8 Q for FSX and Ben, along with most other early adopters, was having a time trying to tame this newest add-on.

Long story, short, Ben recruited a specialty team with extensive experience in animation, graphics and video production and of course, some real world Q pilots to star in the show. There is nothing better than a real world airline pilot that carries a laptop loaded with FSX to entertain himself at the hotel during layovers. I did indeed ask a few questions, mostly about the various models of the Q NextGen.

Although an everyday occurrence in the European skies and many other places around the world, the Q is not nearly as popular in the US due to the Embarer competition, the Canadian CRJs and the short haul Boeing s. United Express is the first U. A quick look at the 20 or so liveries that accompany the Majestic Dash 8 should be a good indicator of which airlines fly the Q The regional jet altered the picture for the U.

Although more expensive than turboprops, regional jets allow airlines to operate passenger services on routes not suitable for turboprops. Turboprop aircraft have lower fuel consumption and can operate from shorter runways than regional jets, but have higher engine maintenance costs, shorter ranges and lower cruising speeds.

They are also famous for their work on the Aerosim B In addition to staying on top of the tweaks, patches and updates for the Q Pilot edition, the follow-on PRO edition for truly serious flyers with failures, HUD, and many advanced features and capabilities and Trainer Edition aimed at cockpit builders and airline training are keeping these guys busy.

It has started as a software framework for the FNPT level flight simulator and later separated into an independent project, which provides essentially the full cockpit simulator features under the FSX framework. In addition, to the advanced simulation of the aircraft systems, this product also contains an independent Flight Dynamics Engine FDEcapable of running at a much higher rate than the default FSX FDE, and free of the inherent problems pertaining to the default aircraft flight dynamics.

Our Flight Dynamics is capable of providing the realistic wind simulation, icing effects, enhanced propeller physics including the propeller de-icing and auto rotation, effects of the propeller airstream on the wing lift and the icing effects on the propeller, wings and the flight surfaces.

I read someplace that this is the single most complex add-on ever produced for FSX.Am I a typical flight simmer? I started inwith Bruce Artwick and subLogic, moving on to and onward with Microsoft Flight Simulator, across all of its platforms, through to FSX - the much feared suggested 'ending,' but on reflection, arguably only a pause in the genre? Since the demise of the ACES Game Studio, we have not only seen many add-ons 'added' but some significant developments in improving and delivering some very impressive and convincing products.

I have to specifically raise one well above the average, with the recent addition of the ground breaking literally! Hats off to them and to those who have stayed faithful to FSX, by developing and releasing many extremely dynamic and convincing improvements to an already fulfilling experience. I have personally enjoyed the continued development of aircraft with excellent systems and internally more sophisticated flight decks.

I have mainly been steadfast and faithful to PMDG, with the odd straying away affair with the Airbus, and recently I have been looking for another more diverse challenge. I know that there are others not mentioned. I just haven't flown them! In the last couple of years, I have almost exclusively remained devoted to the Boeing range, as it fits in well with my short haul mentality.

Although the larger commercial craft have an appeal, I have remained a two to four hour, up and down before dinnertime pilot, and have found the to be perfect for my needs. Recently, and through hearing many colleagues in my VA going into raptures over it, I have had my attention drawn to the new release from Majestic, in the shape of their Dash MJC8 Q The adjectives being applied range from very nice, to beyond awesome!

MJC Dash 8 Q400

I have tended to look, listen and then walk away. Purely as this is a turboprop, and my experience with 'things propeller,' have not been overly tested for many a year.

I have definitely been a 'suck, squeeze, bang, blow' pilot, and 'whirr, whizz and windmill' has therefore featured not much at all. The absence of a real contender may also have been an influencing factor. For the long time Dash experts out there, my review can therefore can be accurately titled 'Flight of the Novice,' and an opinion only based review, rather than a professional's observation.

As always the critical path to a trouble free download, is a good broadband connection, and lightning download speed. Do we simmers like a challenge? I guess many of us do, and with that in mind, down the 'download' pipe from the FlightSim Pilot Shop, came the Majestic Q, landing in a very neat pile on my hard disk. With a not insubstantial hit on space of over Mb.

Unpacking was the usual easy experience, and the installation was precise, easy to manage, and quickly achieved.

majestic q400 review

For those of you for whom the installation has often left you needing remedial medical treatment, my own experience was trouble free - on this occasion! There is an offline and online option, allowing you to unzip into a temporary folder, and then choose your own. If you are looking, but not finding PDF information files, after the unpacking, then do not be alarmed not to immediately see them. The aircraft comes with a separate control panel which you can access either as a first installation 'new program' item on the Windows Start Menu in Windows 7 for meor through the folder 'Majestic Software' in:.

Always ensure that you have 'Hidden Files and Folders' visible to locate this program function. For ease I copied it to my desktop, as it was obviously going to be a useful regular load-out function. This 'guide' does exactly that - leads you through procedures for systems, flight controls, engine controls, and weights plus balance information. Landed it was C, 3 F. Advanced Search. If this is your first visit, welcome! Please note that you will need to register to use many of the site's best features, including downloading files and posting messages.

Until you register you can read any of the articles on this page and also read messages in the forums. Need help getting started? Please read our Help For New Flightsimmers.There are 3 editions, differentiating in the price and the included features. This edition has all the features of the PILOT edition, plus the Headup Guidance System simulation, the shared cockpit feature and several more please see the comparative table below for the full list.

The table below enumerates all the main features per version. Click on each feature to see the full description. Atlantic Simulators is a subsidiary of Majestic Software, dedicated to building the professional simulators. Click here to learn more about it. The consequence of this is a much more realistic aerodynamics behavior of the aircraft, in particular the realistic wind simulation, enhahced propeller physics including the propeller discing and auto rotation, effects of the propeller airstream on the wing lift and the icing effects on the propeller, wings and the flight surfaces.

The beam geometry is also simulated in order to depict the weather based upon the aircraft altitude, antenna tilt and the altitude of the weather itself.

There is a ground clutter and the weather shadow effects. In addition there is a ground mapping mode simulation, capable of showing the surrounding terrain. The weather clutter in the ground mode is also simulated. In addition, there is a custom provisions to control the availability of the ground services and the flow of the passenger announcements. The documentation for each edition includes the systems tutorial, sample flight guide, Control Panel application tutorial, checklists and performance tables.

Highly detailed external and cockpit models with HD textures and special effects. In addition to the default announcements included with the aircraft, our scripting based announcement system allowes for building the custom announcements both per-livery or global. The announcement script can play the user defined sound files based upon the current condition of the aircraft systems and control states, thus allowing for a very customized and realistic announcement flows, specific to the particular airlines.

When saving or loading the flight in the Flight Simulator, the systems will also store or retrieve their respective states. Our product includes its own Sound System, independant of the Microsoft Flight Simulator sound system. In addition, the system is 3D enabled for both the external and internal sounds, including the switches and controls sounds, as well as the voice announcements. The Addon Control Panel Application CPAN allowes the user to visually modify the most important parameters of the aircraft, as well as verify and apply the custom Weight and Balance configurations.

The Shared Cockpit is the way for two users to share the same cockpit over the network. Our Shared Cockpit syncronizes 2 instances of the addon over the home network or the internet.

It is also possible to invite a third person to the cockpit as observer. Our product is coming with a sophisticated scripting system, which can be used to set the scenarios for any failures in the airplane.

The scenario can be random as well as triggered by the predefined conditions engine failure on V1, for example. The scenarios can also be written by the users and include the scenario flow logic as well as the custom sound playback. A number of default failures will occur at a rate close to that in the real life. An aircraft can be made more reliable or less reliable as desired by the user.

Configurable direct link to the joystick axis, allowing for Hz frequency of controlling the Flight Dynamics as opposite to 30Hz frequency of the FSXas well as bypassing the extensive filtering of Flight Controls by the FSX. In the PRO edition and higher, our Sound System can, in addition to the 3D mode, be configured to reproduce the particular sound groups via the dedicated speaker ssuch enabling the sophisticated home simulation setups.

In addition, the sound system supports a second sound device including the USB headsets which can be used to separately output the headphone sounds. The Touch Control Steering mode allowes the pilot to use the control column movements to command the autopilot mode parameters, such as altitude, vertical speed and the indicated airspeed adjustments, without having to disengage the autopilot. The full set of the 2D panels, which can be used to fly the aircraft the "traditional" way, or build a multiscreen cockpit by moving the panels onto the multiple monitors.

We provide the simulation for all the circuit breakers in the cockpit with the correct mapping between the circuit breakers and the electrical equipment. The circuit breakers popup on short circuit is also simulated. Is an external application, which can be used to monitor the status of the aircraft systems and apply the selected system failures over the network.

In the TRAINING edition, the flight controls can be disconnected and the respective independant flight controls system will account for the pilot flying position based upon the pilot head position in the Virtual Cockpit, or the type of the main panel in the 2D cockpit. The Cockpit Hardware Interface is a UDP based network interface, which allows the numerous MJC8 Q components, such as our separate instrument executable, the 2D panel executables, as well as the custom built Dash-8 hardware - to be linked, enabling the user to build a full or a partial hardware cockpit.T he Bombardier Dashotherwise known as the Q-Series, Q, is the latest and most popular version of the Dash 8.

It is almost twice as popular as some of the previous versions of the aircraft and new variants of it will be produced in the future. The creators of this product, Majestic Software, have created the Dash-8 Q aircraft for both real world and personal flight simulator needs. This MJC8 Q project started as a Flight Navigation Procedures Trainer FNPTa type of flight simulator used in the real world to train pilots which is thus very detailed, down to recreation of icing effects including visual effects and propeller effects upon the airframe.

Majestic Software was going to make a FNPT but instead decided to make it for the desktop computer system thus there are many features above and beyond your normal flight simulator aircraft. This review focuses on the recently released Pro edition, which is the most recent edition released. In this review I will talk about all the features of the Q Pro Edition and highlight specific Pro Edition features. The first time starting the Q I chose to use the Alaska Airlines Horizon paint scheme and put myself in Anchorage with the Horizon Q parked next to the Alaska Airlines hangar as this sounded like the most fun flight for me.

I am using Aerosoft's Anchorage X for this flight. Taking a close look at the airplane from the outside it seems to have a good model with all the correct parts included. Then I notice the big propellers, shaped elegantly and sitting in a feather angle.

I have only flown a Q in Flight Simulator once or twice so I'm already super excited to try it. As I see nothing I dislike about the outside I decide to jump into the cockpit. Inside all gauges seem to be working, not any buttons missing, etc.

The inside of the aircraft includes a fully modelled 3D virtual cockpit, 2d Pop up cockpit panels, passenger cabin and a luggage compartment. First I will focus on the cockpit features.

The Q has a two-person cockpit with a large number of switches, buttons, and aircraft systems even though it is only a twin-propeller aircraft. This is what makes it a unique and fun aircraft to fly.

majestic q400 review

Landed it was C, 3 F. Advanced Search. If this is your first visit, welcome! Please note that you will need to register to use many of the site's best features, including downloading files and posting messages. Until you register you can read any of the articles on this page and also read messages in the forums.

Need help getting started? Please read our Help For New Flightsimmers. This will give you the info you need to get started flying and using this web site. First Impressions The first time starting the Q I chose to use the Alaska Airlines Horizon paint scheme and put myself in Anchorage with the Horizon Q parked next to the Alaska Airlines hangar as this sounded like the most fun flight for me.

Tags: majesticmjc8mjc8 qpro editionq What a great airplane for FSX! Cancel Changes. Tag Cloud. Recent Forum Activity. All times are GMT The time now is PM.

All rights reserved. Image Gallery provided by DragonByte Gallery v1.By StephenAugust 8, in Airliners Reviews. The Dashy has weathered the years well So the exterior textures now have a more believable glossiness and metalness effect and the Dash 8 shows it all off here very well.

MJC8 Q400 Pro Edition

The hull and tail is now more highly reflective and note the particle effects that power out from the exhausts. Close up and the detail is still very good, with new NML's normals showing off the design. Q's are extremely weight sensitive most flights will require you to move seats for weight corrections in real life But I will note the nosewheel now also sinks slightly into the ground The Dashy was always a tricky aircraft to fly and many users couldn't quite master it's quirky nature.

For me I always found it not to bad, but it could be slightly frustrating the use and fly The largest and still not fixed here is the throttle to mixture levers that are complicated to use Never fixed if the mixture levers are set to Fuel cut Off then you can't reset the throttle levers to idle, they need to click in again to restart, and in most cases only a full engine running restart will get the aircraft started?

Sometimes it works in beta mode, and sometimes it doesn't? I use an external twin throttle Saitek system and the settings just don't like the unit So throttle idle is somewhere, or where you sometimes have to guess Personally over the years these areas it has drove me batshit, but when it works the Dashy is a great aircraft.

Cockpit detail is still extraordinary even after all these years, pure FlyJSim work of art, although a few of the switchgear items are now showing their age. New PBR reflections have lifted the cockpit to new heights, it can be gorgeous in here in the right lighting conditions, and yes the detail is almost ten years old, but it still feels as good as new.

The cabin however with no updates since the original release and really shows the original age, and it is not pretty back there. You will work hard at the controls in the Dashy, and it requires very fine throttle control to fly this of all X-Plane machines a very manual hands-on aircraft My last landing in the Q Legacy? It will be extremely interesting on the differences between the not so old and the new compare when the Q4XP arrives, and there is currently no arrival date yet for that aircraft This is currently the last update v2.

The update brings in a lot of the latest X-Plane Like with most and even the greatest of aircraft designs there comes a time the aircraft has to make way for the new. For those that don't want to spend a huge amount of dollars, but want a quality and tried and true aircraft then this "Legacy" version will keep you very happy and test those skill levels on a the manual of manual flying by the fingertips aircraft, so there is great value to be had here.Step forward Majestic Software and their Dash-8 Q There have been quite a few great add-ons released this year, but this is the one that had me most excited.

Agusta Westland AW139 Malta

The add-on comes in three different packages: Pilot reviewed herePro and Training. The Dash-8 The Dash-8 is a direct descendent of the Dash-7, although with 2 of the engines removed. It entered service in and the airlines favoured the operational costs of the Dash-8 versus the STOL performance of the Dash The Q entered service in the year and seats between passengers.

It has a fast cruise speed of kts which means that it can cover the short inter-city routes only marginally slower than the airliners, and can also keep pace with them in the crowded airspaces above major airports.

Beautiful Because it is so quiet the Q can land into airports with strict noise restrictions, such as London City. This is a major plus point for the airline and passengers as they can be flown right into the heart of the city without the need for lengthy transfers from the major airports. I was passing London City on the DLR last year when a Dash-8 was coming in to land, the angle of descent was comical with the aircraft looking like it was going to plunge nose first into the runway.

The final installation size weighs in at 2. The system requirements seem fairly modest, but you should be looking to have a far more powerful set-up to get the most from this aircraft, otherwise your flight may be reduced to a slide show.

majestic q400 review

Once you have completed the tutorial there is another tutorial flight available for download from the Majestic website, which has been written by a real world Q pilot.

Both are a fantastic way to get to grips with this aircraft. In order to operate the Q you need to switch between several different views, which seemed to be the cause of the problem — after a while FSX would just crash when I switched view. Some people have reported problems getting the Q started, which seems odd as it is literally flicking a few switches.

Majestic Software – Dash 8 Q400 Pro Edition Review

The FMS took a little time for me to get used to as I normally fly Boeing or Airbus, but like the rest of the aircraft it is fairly simple to operate once you have an understanding of how it works. Even the smallest changes in power setting can result in big changes in airspeed. On most approaches I was flying with the throttles practically at idle and still able to maintain airspeed — this is one bird that likes to go fast.

Looks fast, is fast Stunning from Any Angle One thing I did find out after a few hard landings is that the Q needs to be flown onto the runway with the power still applied. If you chop the power just before touchdown, as you would an airliner, the aircraft literally drops like a stone. Flying her onto the runway and then cutting the power made for much smoother landings.

Whether you are flying by hand or with the auto-pilot this aircraft handles brilliantly and is a joy to fly. The Q does come with its own sound-set which is exactly how I expected it to be for this aircraft — quiet. Even on take-off the cabin is a very quiet place, to enjoy the sound I switched to spot view and panned around during flight. There is only a VC included but what a VC it is. Each panel is expertly done and the frame rates from within the VC were great — even in built up areas with high auto-gen.

A minor criticism is that some of the display read-outs can be a little hard to read, but popping the display up as a 2D panel solves that.


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