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Toggle navigation. Thumb Safeties Guide Rods Slide Stops Pin Kits Trigger Group Main Spring Housings Grips, Grip Parts Frame Kits Plunger Tube Links and Link Sets Pistols, Other Sights Other Completion Kits Clearance Ammunintion. Shop by Category Complete Firearms. Used Guns. Gun Parts.Both of these optics are great just for the record but Holosun c has the EO Tech beat in a number of areas.

The Holosun c is loaded with features that a lot of paying customers desire from an optic and it is all at lower price point compared to the EO Tech EO Tech is a tried and true company that has proven its optics work all over the world. What do you guys think? Eotech is just a completely different type of optic. Holographics are different than your average red dot. One BIG thing with eotechs, idk about the one in the video but the E XPS series has some of the absolute least parallax shift of any optic on the market even when compared to holosun and trijicon and aimpoint.

There are actually a lot of small details with EoTechs that a lot of people skim over just because its not basic things. Holosuns are great. But EoTechs have their reasons for being how they are as well. The Eotech has a 1 MOA dot. I'll take the Eotech after all it has proven itself. EOTechs are great and bonus they are battle dis-proven! I feel like Holosun is bridging the gap between the cost effective Vortex models and high end Trijicon optics very well.

I am sold and have seen others catch on as well. And that's it.


If have eyes problem that making dot look like star only eotech. I was one of the people that returned my Eotech when L3 lost their lawsuit to the Department of Defense for false testing results.

Extreme drifts from humidity, heat, and cold…in other words, it's a shitty optic. I am sure the newer ones corrected that, but when a company decides to put out a product and sell it to the military with fake testing, that just doesn't fly with me.

I will never own another optic from them period. I do have multiple holosuns and love them. I will be getting the c for my AR pistol next. Eotec looks so cool but the performance is shocking in the market as it is today. They seem to be living on their cool reputation and seem to think that is enough.

Shame really for everyone, the people who like their products and them because they should be market leaders. LE even use them.One of the styles that has recently caught my attention is the open window reflex-style sight, and right now, two of the best optics that kind of fit into this category are:. The Holosun c is extremely durable.

To start off with, the sight housing is made of high-strength aluminum, and the lens is protected by a titanium hood. The addition of the titanium hood is really cool because it keeps the weight down but also makes the sight very rugged.

Next, the windage and elevation knobs are flush with the sight housing. I like that because it means they can never be bumped or accidentally knocked….

They can easily be adjusted with a screwdriver or the rim of a cartridge, and they move the reticle 0. Last, the c is fully waterproof in up to 1 meter of water, which means it can handle rainy, snowy, and wet conditions without any issues. The Eotech XPS2 is also an extremely durable sight. To begin, the sight housing is aluminum and the lens is protected by 2 aluminum hoods.

holosun 512c forum

Additionally, the windage and elevation knobs are recessed into the sight housing, and just like with the Holosun c, they can be adjusted with a screwdriver or the rim of a cartridge. Next, the XPS2 is waterproof up to 10 feet… So once again rainy, snowy, and wet conditions will not cause any problems for this sight. Last, the XPS2 has undergone drop tests by the US Military, and it was able to pass those tests which means it met the military specifications for toughness.

One of the major differences between the two is that the XPS2 is waterproof up to 10 feet whereas the c is only waterproof up to 1 foot. In addition to that, the Eotech is a completely closed system whereas the Holosun is an open style reflex sight. It is possible for an open style reflex sight to get mud or debris caked into it, which would make the reticle disappear.

Last, the Eotech was able to pass military specification drop tests, which the Holosun has never undergone.

Better get a babysitter cause we've got two tickets to the [GUN] show...

So to me, all this adds up to the Eotech XPS2 taking the lead in the durability and toughness category. Winner: Eotech XPS2. The lens clarity and reticle on the Holosun c are very good. To start off with, the lens is extremely clear.

Holsoun’s Best Optic To Date! – HS512C Review, It’s awesome!

In addition to that, the reticle is extremely crisp and very well defined, which will come into play when we discuss the XPS2. Now one of the features included in the c is something called the Multiple Reticle System or M. That said, I know some people just want a simple 2 MOA dot, which is also a great option for a red dot sight….

You can easily switch between these reticles by holding down the minus button for your brightness settings. In addition to the multiple reticles, the c gives you a huge viewing area. Personally, I prefer red, but like I said, the option is there if green works better for your eyes. The clarity on the XPS2 is also very good. That holographic technology within the Eotech is really cool, and it causes the reticle to appear grainy when you take aim through the optic.

Personally, I prefer a more clean and clear reticle, but I still think the holographic reticle is very usable.Building off the success of its proprietary L. Users can choose from 10 daylight and two night-vision brightness settings. When the unit is at rest, a sensor will place it into "sleep mode," which powers down the reticle.

Once motion is detected the optic automatically powers on the reticle saving the user time and battery life. In addition, the C uses Solar Failsafe to provide solar power through natural or synthetic light in any environment, so if the batteries do fail the optic can draw from ambient light to power the reticle. Battery life is up to 50, hours.

All this technology is protected by Holosun's all titanium, waterproof housing. The optic can also be securely and easily attached to a weapon via the built-in picatinny quick release mount. See all comments. The company says the new handgun is the smallest and most concealable 9mm tactical pistol available on the market. Aimpoint's new small, light optic features interchangeable turrets to adjust for bullet drop and windage.

holosun 512c forum

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Holosun HE512C-GD Elite

Email Address Please enter a valid email address. Please validate that you are human. Cop Slang Top Terms. View Terms. Magazine July Digital Edition Digital Archives Subscribe. Load More.Can anyone recommend a scope or red dot for a HW 44 pistol, having problems coming up with a good one. Any ideas like the Holosun C red dot reflex, what ever you think best, thanks in advance. The gun is accurate enough for a rifle scope.

holosun 512c forum

I have a pistol I built that is that accurate and use a Bushnell Sportview 4X AO on it for it's lightweight and because of the adjustable objective. UTG pistol scope. That gun is worth it. I have 2 of the UTG X scopes. I like them enough to have bought the second. Very good quality, VERY easy target acquisition because of the ring around the dot. Work well in low light as well as bright light. I've tried many red dot sights, the holosun is at the top. No I have spent the big bucks on a Trijicon, but from what I've seen on YouTube, the Holosun is right up there with the best.

I have 2 Sig Romeo sights that are solar powered. Several years old and discontinued to my knowledge but they are solar powered. Not sure about the current line from Sig but the Romeo4 has been excellent. No experience with Holosun but may like them. I like it. A nice sharp point to aim to, with a large triangle to find quickly without having to "hunt" for a small dot. Same reason that I like the Holosun with the circle around the dot.

I have one of these and it is an awesome scope, but it's got AO and will not focus down under 25 yards. So you end up with a blurry reticle for short distance shooting.

I'm going to try out the Burris soon to see if it's a little more short distance friendly. I have many pistol scopes,one thing that helps me out is one with a 32mm bell,the more light the better.

I use 4x the most,so a variable power is great…. I use 4x the most,so a variable power is great Burris x32 has gotten plenty of praise I also have a Leupold 4x handgun scope which is really very clear. Finding a good multi use Scope for my HW44 has been more challenging than expected.

I have not used it yet, but hoping it will allow me to acquire my target quicker and improve my offhand accuracy by bring the Pistol closer to my body.

Definitely should work better when using the Predator tripod. Ill agree with others on the UTG pistol scope. What I dont like is the parallax is fixed. This seems to be common with pistol scopes. No luck. I just wanted something that would offer some markings for holds. The utg has a PDC setup. For myself it worked fine.June I have the Primary Arms 2. Let me know if you want me to measure anything or something.

SummaryJudgment Today we will paint a mountain that owes us nothing. Registered User regular. Those last two are definitely important. I'm definitely a fan of Primary Arms stuff so you can be safe choosing them. As for the choice, it all comes down to personal preference and the general range of what you'll be shooting. While I love red dots for pistol and close in carbine work, beyond 50 yards, I can't even tell what holes I'm punching in paper nor if I'm hitting close to the target if it's a steel target beyond listening for the ding in the distance.

I'm completely tethered to the highest powered optics I can reasonably plunk onto a rifle. Figuring out an optic choice 2. I'll need to check FOV and eye relief? The 2nd Amendment is unarguably one of the most liberal, liberating and radical statements ever made in human history.

Dead Legend Registered User regular. I have a 2. I might take it off and put a x PA that I have laying around. But like I said about using.

Gvzbgul Ask me about my scrotalist agenda Registered User regular. Holy crap that AK made me sad both as a gun guy and a machinist. I'm finally parting ways with a couple of rifles. Mortal Sky queer punk hedge witch Registered User regular. At that point I'd just de-mil it and make it a wall hanger or inert movie prop, because there's no realistic way to make that safe that wouldn't cost as much in labor as just buying a new good AK.

Tumblr Steam: TohaJuuko. Yeah somebody built that with the world's shittiest brazing torch and an angle grinder. Still about in front of me for the background check. It started at on Tuesday though, so the shop is pretty sure I'll be able to pick it up tomorrow. Fingers crossed. In the meantime, have a picture of a drum magazine. This sucker was hard to load let me tell you. June 19 edited June With some of the larger drums, like the 5.

The only thing shitty Magpul makes in my opinion are their polymer sights.There have been a lot of new optics coming out lately, and even though they have small differences here and there…. The reticle and clarity of the Holosun HSc are both fantastic. The reticle is also extremely clear and precise. Holosun calls this the Multiple Reticle System or M. The reason why is because the 65 MOA ring is super fast to pick up when you take aim at large targets up close….

Now one of the most unique features the C has to offer is the huge viewing area that it gives you. The way this sight is designed allows it to have a big advantage over a micro red dot sight when it comes to field of view. And because it has unlimited eye relief you can really acquire a sight picture quickly from pretty much any shooting position. The battery life on the Holosun c is amazing.

It can run for about 50, hours on one CR battery. I think that super-long battery life like this is an absolute must-have on a red dot sight…. You can just pick up your rifle and be ready to defend yourself and your family. So I really am a big fan of the Shake Awake feature included on this sight because…. Now in addition to the ultra-long battery life and shake awake feature, Holosun also includes a solar panel on this optic….

The solar panel allows you to run the sight even if your battery runs dry or to save battery life … as long as you have some sunlight. Now with the HSC you get 10 brightness settings for daylight conditions and 2 night vision settings….

The Holosun C is extremely durable. To start off, the sight housing is made of high-strength aluminum and the lens is protected by a titanium hood. They can easily be adjusted with the use of a screwdriver or the rim of a spent cartridge, and there is no way for them to snap off if your sight gets knocked or bumped around a little bit.

The C is also fully waterproof and can handle rainy or wet conditions without any problems at all. I have always preferred red over green when it comes to sights and optics because my eyes are just able to pick up the red a little bit quicker…. There are many cool accessories that come included with the Holosun HSC. In addition to that, you get a tool that allows you to easily remove the battery tray, which is how you change out the battery when the time comes to swap it out.

All those things are good, but really the most exciting accessory that comes with this optic is the included QD mount. The mount that you get is actually pretty high-quality. Add to that, the reasonable price tag it carries and I think Holosun knocked it out of the park with this optic!

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