1010 twin flame union

I will clarify what I mean by that by clearing up the first misconception: that Union is not an event that occurs once you and your Twin Flame get back together.

In fact Union is not an event at all but rather a process of harmonization that occurs as both parties clear non-coherent patterns within the self, balance Sacred Masculine and Feminine within the self. What we often refer to as Union is merely the point that Twin Flames get to when they have purged enough mis-qualifying energy to remain in an actual and consistent 3D relationship without the triggers that create prolonged separation or absence of contact. Even so, triggering and running and separation does not necessarily end once you move back into that space, which brings me to my next point:.

You have to keep in mind that though you and your Twin Flame share the same core frequency, you have had many lifetimes apart from one another. This is about you owning your stuff as it comes up and in all honesty it becomes more challenging when you live with your Twin Flame because. However, what makes it work is having your Twin Flame be at that level of consciousness where they are able to take responsibility they are able to own their stuff.

That being said, if your Twin Flame is not at the level of consciousness or awareness where they can do that then you will find the relationship moving into unhealthy states of non-coherence and difficulty sustaining and maintaining the actual physical relationship as projections and resentments can begin to fester.

So in other words, the triggering, the clashing and even sort of a low degree of separation still occurs even once you get back together unless you have both reached that level of consciousness where you can merge and experience harmonization without those interruptions to the relationship. Union is an unfolding process of merging on all levels as both parties are guided through the stories of their lives to create balance and mastery within.

There will be irritation and arguments, there will be times of self-reflection, and there will be realignments and redirects by your Higher Self. Most of us are not that fortunate and may find things a little lopsided energetically, but I do encourage you if you do find yourself in that space and you seem to be holding it down energetically in for your Twin that:. I say this because in doing the former it opens pathways to the latter and not the other way around.

Whether or not that timeline is the one that we end up on once again depends a lot on the factors that I mentioned earlier in the video. To wrap it up, Union is a process that involves the trickle-down of the Union that you already have and Oneness outside of this time-space continuum into physical reality manifesting as two whole halves creating one whole through the mechanism of relationship.

As the consciousness of both parties changes and shifts there is a great potential for joy and definitely of service as those of you who have interfaced with 10 of Cups Ministries have seen with Andy and I as our gifts and talents definitely complement. In getting to that space it does require and will require facing our fears, taking responsibility for our stuff, and shifting our vibration. It is something that you will continue to work on and they, your Higher Self, and your guides will continue to refine in both parties until you reach that space where you experience that Oneness.

I do hope that some of these nuggets of wisdom were helpful and insightful for you in your own Twin Flame Journey and navigating through this powerful spiritual transformation that is the Twin Flame Journey and relationship. I do offer a lot of wonderful goodies and freebies for those of you who sign up to my updates and to my a subscriber list I do a weekly oracle reflection, monthly healing calls where I will work with a different topic and talk about the astrological alignments and energies, and we do a group process on the call.

I also have some free gifts just to say thank you for signing up which include the four degrees of separation teaching audio where I expand on four distinct types of Twin Flame separation and how to navigate through those. I have the mini ebook Stand Up For Your Union which also provides some insight and wisdom to assist you in being victorious and triumphant on your own Twin Flame Journey.

And I have the healing activation Imploding Insecurity where I work with rounds of healing energy to help target and locate any insecurities that you have within yourself at their root that are manifesting in your life as the inability to move into your Divine birthright and show up for all of your good.

Skip to main content Your cup be empty! Greetings and infinite blessings everyone!The Twin Flame union is said to be orchestrated by the Creator. The re-union happens because you and your Twin have been sealed together from the very first moment of your Divine creation, as both of you share the same Divine soul at that level of being, in Oneness.


The Twin Flame re-union will take place the Divine timing is right and when both of you are ready for the experience. It is an intense and spiritual experience and there is nothing you can do to rush or speed up this process, as this reunion too is part of the unfolding of the Divine Plan.

Leading up to the physical reunion of the Twinflames many interesting synchronisities tend to occur. The or other double and triple number sequences often pop up frequently around this time and are common in Twin Flame soul unions.

1010 twin flame union

In Numerology, Eleven is a master number and is considered to be the number of the spiritual messenger or guide. When looking at the visual representation of thethe two sets of 'ones' appear to be united to form pillars. One can visualize the symbolic meaning of this to be two pillars leading to the heavenly gate; it can also represent the energetic connection between yin and yang polarity, female and male, united together, as ONE.

Sometimes it happens that you may meet your twinflame and one of you is already involved in a current relationship or marriage. It is obviously not wise to disrupt any present connections you each have in your lives as these soulmate relationships are necessary for spiritual growth, learning and healing.

These current relationships must first be dismantled and balances in a natural way, and current soul contracts must be Lived out fully with honor, honesty and love.

You and your Twinflame must both honor each other's soul lessons by growing together through the test of unconditional love, patience and honesty. Even if it is not possible to work with your TwinFlame at this time on a physical level, you can still work with your Twin on an energetic level. As the earth moves into a fifth dimensional energy alignment all Twin Flames will be reunited in all dimensions.

Meeting the physical manifestation of your twin flame is a high calling that requires you to grow spiritually and to heal emotionally, mentally, and physically. You must look beyond the ego and the physical limitations that may exist between you and your Twin at the time of meeting. You will both be driven to work together in some form to become the best and highest manifestation of your soul here on the Earth.

The Twinflame Mission. The Synchronicity Have you been noticing the or other triple or double digits ,in a strange and synchronistic way? You happen to glance at the clock out of the blue and it's You might see these numbers jumping out at you several times a day even in the most unexpected places, whenever you happen to look, there it is again.

Text The Romance Back An interesting way to bring the passion back. Twin Flame Signs Signs that indicate that it's time to connect with your twin soul.

The Experience All about the eleven eleven synchronicity and what it means. Numerology Tutorial and Forecasts Discover your personal numerology numbers, their meanings, plus free number profiles and more.The number 11 is a Master number and part of the Master number series. The Master number series already sheds a light on how 11 is a Twin Flame number.

According to numerology. This is the ultimate symbolic power of the The Master numbers 22 and 33 play an important role as well when you see that, the ability to reach spiritual enlightenment the 11make it a reality in the material world the 22 i. As you can see the path of the 11 is the Twin Flame path, but it is not the only reason why 11 is a Twin Flame number.

10 Twin Flame Number Sequences You Will Notice

When you look at the number 11 it represents two pillars that together create a gateway or portal. Look at a door it is made of two even sides on the left and right that create a doorway to enter from the one place to the other.

From the past into the future. From the 3D into the 5D. From fear into love. Twin Flames are that gateway, they are that portal when they come into true Twin Flame union not just a physical relationship with their twin. When you yourself come into true union you and your twin become like a tuning fork that incidentally also shows two equal long parts coming together or coming forth out of ONE.

It is your unique soul song coming out of the tuning fork that sends waves of harmonious vibration into your physical surroundings, uplifting all those you come into contact with. We have 11 everywhere even both our birthday day and month add up to It more relates to our specific mission here on Earth this time round, which of course does have everything to do with Twin Flames as our connection is being used to serve the Twin Flame collective.

Check here to find out what your Life path number means. When you are on the Twin Flame journey chances are that you will start seeing different repeating number patterns. One of the most known is the number sequence.

In fact everybody is a Twin Flame there are really not only a This all depends on the soul agreements you made with your Divine counterpart before incarnation. Seeing does not have to, but could very well be related to your Twin Flame journey.

There are many light workers not consciously on the Twin Flame journey, that see constantly as a confirmation of their alignment even though they have not and may not meet their twin in this lifetime.

According to Abraham Hicks a body of enlightened beings channeled by Esther hicks is a sign that the Universe is knocking itself out to give you evidence of your alignment.Twin Flame Number Sequences: In numerology, we can analyse the meanings of specific number sequences and patterns and apply our findings to our real life.

These numbers show up in the form of synchronicitiesespecially when in relation to the twin flame relationship. But there is a small subset of particular number sequences that speak directly to the twin flame relationship. Represents the beginning of a journey. In the twin flame relationship, we see this when we must start something new, or when we meet our twin flame and need a shove in the right direction.

Represents balance and harmony. For twin flames, can be an expression of the unconditional love we feel for each other and the harmony of our energies. The number of the ascended masters, trinities and higher worlds. Remember that the physical world is not the primary place for our spiritual twin flame relationshipand tend to it accordingly.

Represents progress. This often shows up when we feel as though we are stuck in one place in our twin flame relationship, and reminds us that progress can sometimes seem soul achingly slow. This means that something good is coming. Maintaining a happy and positive relationship with our twin flame will bring good fortune our way — and we will be rewarded. These are relics of past wounds and must be dealt with.

Forgiveness and forward thinking are vital. The number of the spirit guides. This reminds us that our twin flame relationship and the spiritual journey we share is not one that we travel alone. There are forces greater than us that are also rooting for us.

We must listen to our spirit guides and gain the wisdom they offer. The number of infinity, plenty and fortune. Our resources are about to get a boost, whether that means money or a period of personal and spiritual development. The number of endings. Many people confuse this sign as a signal that our twin flame relationship is coming to an end in this life. This is a mistake. Really, the number showing up usually means that a phase is coming to an end.

It serves as reassurance that we are on the path to enlightenment and ascension. Which of these twin flame number sequences are you noticing? Article written by spiritualunite. Please link back to the original article when sharing. Related Article.As an angel number, the general meaning of is about moving towards your higher purpose in life.

Trust the Universe and what it has in store for you. Have faith that everything is happening for your benefit. And remember, the Universe always works itself out in the end. Once you decode this message, you can make use of it on your life path. The first two numbers 1 and 0 have great significance. Number 1 means moving into a new beginning, starting fresh or opening towards a new path in life. On the other hand, 0 signifies moving into the great void, where everything comes from the Creator and all will return to the Creator.

In other words, stepping into a much higher resonance, towards an uplifting frequency that is closer to the divine consciousness. When you see the number 10 twice, this just means that the message of "10" is stronger.

So if you often seetrust that the Universe is working behind the scenes to help you, and be open to receive anything you need for your soul growth. As your soul grows, you are in the process of awakening to your true self, the nature of the divine. You are ready to walk a new footpath that will lead you to achieve higher states of consciousness and higher dimensions of yourself. As you open up, you will be able to lift the veil of illusions and see the world through the eyes of your higher self.

How exciting! When being open to receiving, you align yourself with the Creator and the energies of the Universe. Now more than ever, you need to stay focused on the things that you want to experience in this lifetime.

You must persevere with what you desire and strive for excellence. Whatever you decide to do, make sure you have a commitment to do it well. Be a hill if you can't be a mountain. If you can't be an ocean, be a lake. It's not the size that determines success, but being your very best. Remember, you are the creator of your own reality. Your thoughts become words, and your words become actions.

Last but not least, an important reason why you are seeing is that of knowing.The success smiles at you. Your ambition must not become a thirst for power that causes you to ignore all your principles. Thanks to the double-timehe hands you his helping hand, grabs it. In this way, you will be able to restore the balance in your life.

You drink your morning coffee, look at the clock, and again at precisely ? Does this time attract your attention? Rightly so! Other times carry essential meanings. They are also a means by which your guardian angel tries to convey a message to you. Then your guardian angel will try to get your attention. We decipher his message for you. For several days you look again at clock on the clock? What luck! Someone has fallen in love with you. The Universe always speaks to us through signs, and one of the simplest ways to deliver a message is through numbers.

Numbers are part of the Creative Power of the Universe, and this is recognized by people like Tesla and the Ancient Egyptians who built the pyramids using specific number patterns. If you notice that you often see when you look at what time it is and you wonder if there is a hidden message behind it, then your intuition is correct.

Trust that you have been brought here to find out more about the meaning of Here you learn more about the purpose of If we observe synchronicity such as an hourit makes sense to try to understand what the meaning is. It indicates the end of a cycle. It is a sign that has a secure connection with the Spirit.

You are currently on the right track to becoming the person you want to be!

1010 twin flame union

You will finally make significant progress on your way to your destination, and this is true in every aspect of your life. We all come in this life with a journey or a mission.

This mission is determined by our Soul before we enter our body. We know as Soul that we can forget our mission and get off our path, but this is all part of the journey and all part of the game of life.

The Universe and your Spiritual Guides want you to be aware that seeing is a sign of action and forward movement. The general meaning of is that you move toward your higher goal in life. Trust the Universe what it has in store for you. Things happen for a reason, and in the big picture, your higher self knows the best path to get you where you need to be. Have faith that everything happens for your own benefit.

When we reach this new level or new layer in our lives, we often experience changes or growing pains.Perhaps one day you glance over at the clock in the morning and seethen your bill at lunch totalsthen later that same day you see a car registration plate with the numbers The number 1 comes and holds energy which is pioneering and assertive, initiating and motivating. Those with this number in their numerology charts can take it as the Life Path, Expression or Soul Urge Numbers, for example, you are often destined to become leaders of some kind.

Even as children you stand out as the risk takers and the individuals are fearless to go. The number 0 is such a fascinating number, not least because of the disagreements as to if it qualifies as a number. Regarded by many as merely a placeholder it seems like an absence of value as opposed to an expression of it. But in fact, it has an interesting background and holds much more power than it is generally known for. This number has set goals, and it finds encouragement from the 10, for making life amazing.

So you can discover great success if you have a focused mindset. The number encourages stepping out of the comfort zone and pursuing your dreams. The Number is also connected with spiritual awakening. Through a force that is divine and you will attract positive energies. If you find yourself often seeing when you check the time then there is a message behind it, your instinct is correct.

Your group of angels and spirit guides and the Universe want you to be aware that is a sign of taking action and forward motion.

1010 twin flame union

As an angel number, the meaning of is about moving towards your purpose of life. Believe in the Universe and what it has in store for you. Things happen for a reason, and in the big picture, your higher self knows the best path to get you to where you will need to be.

Have faith that everything is up-to-the-minute for your welfares only. And bear in mind, the Universe works itself out in the end.

Once you decode this message, you can use it. The number 1 is sharp and exacting, intense and determined, so use this energy to move closer into alignment with your best potential, and not just sectioned into many different versions of it. If you are seeing angel number regularly, your eyes are being opened to see the contrast of the broad, open zero and the fixed centered number 1, so that you can start to use both.

Open up to opportunities from unexpected places. Anything is possible for you!


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